Read our greatest needs task list HERE

Want to help our work and put actions behind your desire to do something for others? You absolutely can. Here is a list of many of the things we are looking for help with. Download it (its a PDF), and be in touch with us anytime about where YOU can assist us. We can get you started.

Be in touch! We need your help for One Hundred For Haiti to grow and expand in 2018 and beyond!

Download the list here ONE HUNDRED FOR HAITI task list



This list represents many of the things that One Hundred For Haiti needs help with currently. We would love to have your assistance! Have an idea that isn’t on the list? Run it by us! We’d love for you to get creative.

One thing we’d love to incorporate into our work is interns. Grant writers, outreach coordinators, social media strategists, all kinds. Help us do the work we do. Drop us a line if you’re interested.


– Maybe something new as a fundraiser? Who knows: can you think of something no one ever would have thought of other than you.  If you’re a student, what would students on campus be inspired to participate in creating or attending?  What businesses could we get involved? What about where YOU work? What could happen there? What others have done:

• An event at a screen printing shop where artists drew original artwork then people came to the event and listened to bands and paid per shirt to have whatever design they wanted screened on a shirt
• We contacted the local Veggie Grill here in Seattle and one day they gave a percentage of sales
• A retired friend sewed colorful purses for us, and raised over $4500 selling them to friends.
• We could have home-parties/fundraisers, where in person or via skype, guests hear about our work.

– We would love to expand our base of donors contributing at the recurring monthly donation level. The idea would be to have people donate small amounts, but regularly.  If we had 1000 people each donating $1 every month, it would be so much easier to accomplish what we want to do. Can you help us spread the word about this?

– Seek out employee matching programs at companies where the company will match the amount that an employee donates.  How hard are they to set up?  Is it even a good idea to set something like that up?  We have employee matching at Expedia and Microsoft.  They were arranged by someone long ago so we would need to find out if they are still in place.  If they are active, what can we do with them? Find out how we can pitch their employees, or set up new ones at new companies.

– Perhaps you know about grant writing? We have an extensive list of things that we need help with specifically about grant writing. We have someone helping us currently but if you have had experience with this it would be great to have additional input from other examples of successful grant writing.

– Crowd funding: we would like to do a crowd funding campaign and would welcome ideas from very successful campaign directors on what they did to make their campaigns a success.


– What corporations related to clean water could we reach? How would we hook their interest? And how do we reach the right people directly? We are thinking big in terms of potential work and strong collaborations.

– We need lists of awesome podcasts to submit our audio PSA’s to. Are you a fan of a favorite podcast? Let us know about it and how to get in touch with the people responsible for it. Any podcasts would be great.

– What organizations or groups (or individuals) would be interested in helping with our efforts to fund widespread anti-sexual assault programs? Who would actively want to support children being safe from sexual assault? Everyone says they would but who would be willing to take action? And remember, we don’t necessarily want people’s money as a priority: we want their voices/support and even their organizational skills.

– Is there a Haitian community in your city?  What issues do Haitian-Americans face? There are large populations in NYC and Miami who might be interested to support our work. What cities in the USA have large Haitian populations?  Where are they and what sorts of community organizations exist in those communities?  What kind of work are they doing, and how might we work with them?

– Connect us with bands who are on tour who would be willing to speak from the stage about our work, collect donations as part of merch sales, and use their tours to fund water cisterns for our Rural Water Project. A recent band (March 2017) raised enough on tour to fund TWO cisterns. Each of these will protect dozens of families from the potential threat of cholera. Small bands, big bands, and anyone in between.


– A technical one, but its important: talk to some chemists, some biologists, infectious disease doctors, and ask them what other chemicals are harmless to humans but also kill cholera if used in cholera-infected water. We want to have solutions and alternatives in addition to what we are currently using.  We want something colorless, odorless, and harmless.  You can learn more about the project at

– We want to develop social entrepreneurship programs. For example, we create opportunities for a Haitian midwife, in Haiti, to serve her community and to teach other women her skill set. Or we have someone who has the trust of the community set up a business where they provide childcare so that parents can work in the fields without having to worry about their children. Ideas along these lines of programs you have encountered would be incredibly helpful.

– Become our new web person, or find us one! We need website help. Not just solid updating and modernizing and beautifying of the site, but cleaning up code, and especially using Google analytics to make sure that the page is seen, used, and then SEO to make sure its getting out into the world. Know anyone? You must.

– Find out all you can about the term “CSR” or “Corporate Social Responsibility”.  Then give us (including the 100FH social media coordinator) a breakdown about it and let us learn what you learned!

– Research new/different ways for how larger 501(c)3 organizations leverage their non-profit status to their best advantage for donations.  We turned 100FH into a 501(c)3 non-profit, but we are likely not maximizing the benefits that being a non-profit has to offer.  We’d love to know more.

– We can seek out ways to get media coverage for what we have done and will continue to do.  What are some creative new ways to get the press onboard to cover what we have done? What makes us, or would make us relevant for this moment in time given current events?

– I would like to develop relationships with, and solid awareness of, other NGO/501c3 organizations doing work in Haiti.  What groups are out there?  Which ones could help us?  Who could we help with the limited resources we have?

– Can you think of anything we forgot? What can YOU add to the goals of One Hundred For Haiti?

We would love to hear your ideas. If you’re not sure where to start but you are interested in helping feel free to check-in with us; just let us know your interest, skill set and how much time you have available and we will get you set up with the perfect project. Our volunteer coordinator can help get you started:

CONTACT US for all volunteer questions and ideas!

Sincerely from all of us at One Hundred For Haiti!

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