Raise The Roof - House/Roof Construction in Haiti

Here, a new corrugated roof on a rebuilt house stands strong in October 2020. The walls will soon be finished, but this house will stand for many years to come. Photo by permission, from our Haitian partners.

We are supporting our friends in the Ranquitte region in northeastern Haiti who have requested that we help provide roofs and houses for families with leaking roofs and crumbling walls. 

A complete house rebuild, four walls and a roof, costs an average of $300-$350 depending on the size of the structure and its location. This is immensely helpful for any family (and often multiple families under that one roof) living in challenging conditions due to leaks and deterioration. We replace thatched roofs with tin sheeting, and when necessary, rebuild walls too.

You can see our latest successful builds here: https://www.onehundredforhaiti.org/news/

With the Raise the Roof project, you or your business can provide a house for a family and receive in exchange an incredible set of social media images of the structure for you to share on social media to explain the process and project.

On special request for donors, we can even edit into a thirty second promo video, showing the region, the community and the home, along with your brand logo at the end demonstrating your generosity and partnership.

This is perfect for individuals looking to directly help, for real estate groups looking to maximize their engagement, or social organizations for fundraisers. The impact is absolute.

We are always building roofs and houses and would love your help. Write us today to find out more.