Current Initiatives

RAISE THE ROOF – Roof Building and Housing Support

We are supporting our friends in the Ranquitte region in northeastern Haiti who have requested that we help provide roofs and houses for families with leaking roofs and crumbling walls. A complete house rebuild, four walls and a roof, costs around $400 depending on the size of the structure. This is immensely helpful for any family (and often multiple families under that one roof) living in challenging conditions due to leaks.

We are always building roofs and would love your help.

With the Raise a Roof initiative, you, your group, or your business, can provide a roof for a family and receive in exchange a set of social media images of the roof and new construction for you to share on social media to explain the process and project. On special request for donors, we can even edit into a thirty second promo video, showing the region, the community and the home, along with your brand logo at the end demonstrating your generosity and partnership.

This is perfect for individuals looking to directly help, for real estate groups looking to maximize their engagement, social organizations for fundraisers, and the impact is absolute.

Write us today to find out more.


RURAL WATER PROJECT – Ranquitte Region, Haiti

In the entire region of Ranquitte, cholera hit hard. Thousands of people died, some while literally struggling to get to relief centers. The region lost 4% of its population due to cholera. Obviously, help is needed here and this must never happen again.

Cholera is not native to Haiti, and in fact it was introduced accidentally by a UN worker in 2010 and quickly spread through the country. Its still here. At this point, there is no getting the cholera out of the water table, but there are things which we can do to prevent the cholera that IS there from being reintroduced to the water supply.

One Hundred For Haiti has taken responsibility for the building, maintaining, and repairing of forty tanks in the Ranquitte region.

These tanks catch water flowing directly from natural springs. That water is then treated to kill cholera and then from there the local population can access the water to drink and use, etc. Any natural disaster or even a major storm can re-introduce cholera to the water supply and these tanks will save lives by killing the cholera at the source. We are affecting thousands of families with this work.

We estimate that 20,000 people will be protected from death by cholera. Exact population estimates are difficult to ascertain in areas this rural.

We use local labor and we interview local people. This is where we are different. We listen. We act when its needed. And we support the people of Haiti to save lives directly. You can help make this happen.

GTPE – Anti-Violence and Abuse-Prevention Education Trainings 

In Haiti, lack of education is a huge issue. Social norms lead people to abusive behavior – as they do worldwide – but here it often is found that lack of education prevents those who have been abused from speaking out for themselves against their abusers. In the last year and a half the number of reported child rapes has been very high, and One Hundred For Haiti stepped in to fund the GTPE initiative, which is a series of educational sessions in nine rural communities, letting parents, teachers, and locals know what is, and what is not, rape and abuse, and then what can be done to help prevent it.

Of the trainings which have been completed so far, response has been overwhelmingly positive. There has never been an initiative like this, and people are very happy and relieved that a group has stepped up to put together these trainings on behalf of people in need. Video will be forthcoming on our social media soon showing the responses of the local people to this important training.

The goal: increased education, less abuse (specifically for children), and more empowerment for the people of southern Haiti. Long term goal: expanding this project to other areas of Haiti so as to serve people wherever they are in need.

Photo below: audiences at a training in the remote community of Tiburon listen to ideas and steps for action about abuse, violence, and how to recognize mistreatment of children.

GTPE 11:2015


HEALTHY KIDS, HEALTHY FUTURE – Feeding local youth

This project has been entirely Haitian-initiated.

While in Haiti last year, we learned firsthand that our in-country coordinator in Haiti was personally funding a feeding program out of his pocket for 15 children in his rural community, feeding them twice a week so they wouldn’t have to go to school hungry.

Thanks to your donations throughout they year, especially the recurring monthly donations, we were able to support our friend to help him expand his feeding program.

This feeding program now provides meals to fifty children five times a week when we have the donations for it.

For a $75 donation, fifty kids can eat five times for one week.

Haitian kids who are not going hungry means kids who will be able to focus in school, and in turn kids who will bring their education into the future.

Without donor support, these kids wouldn’t have had the chance to eat on a daily basis or to drink safe water. These children are indeed the future of Haiti.