The 100FH team


Founder | Executive Director

Greg is the founder of One Hundred For Haiti and has been to Haiti ten times since the earthquake. Immediately earthquake in Haiti, Greg was on the crew of the Liberty Schooner, an all-volunteer mission that sailed from Miami to the southern coast of Haiti to bring 10,000+ pounds of medical supplies and food to the people in most dire need. The Liberty and its crew were the first independent relief boat to reach the southern coast of Haiti and Greg received international press coverage of the trip on the Peter Greenberg Worldwide radio program. Greg is the co-founder of The World Leaders Project, a multi-year initiative to discuss issues related to the psychology of human violence face-to-face with world leaders, an initiative that led to a meeting with the President of Guyana as well as correspondence with other governments as well. An international speaker, and global traveler, he is also the co-producer of the multi-award winning documentary “Flight From Death: The Quest for Immortality” a film which explores the psychology of our relationship with death, and has produced three other feature-length documentaries.


In-Country Director, Haiti

Jean-Fresnel Desauguste was born in Ranquitte Haiti. He completed secondary education in the Dominican Republic and currently teaches language and social skills to young people in Ranquitte. He loves being a part of One Hundred For Haiti because he is committed to helping his people on a local level. He cherishes the idea of having the needs of local people – on their own terms – come into reality the way that THEY envision. He is the proud father to three children.


Development Director / Program Manager

Nathan Bean arrived in Haiti for the first time sixty eight hours after the earthquake in 2010 and has been drawn to the country ever since. After spending years in Haiti working in and learning about NGOs, Nathan returned to school, earning a B.A. in Law, Societies, and Justice from the University of Washington. Joining One Hundred for Haiti has been an enriching experience for Nathan and it has offered a rich experience to apply his knowledge of Haiti and NGOs. Nathan believes in empowering Haitians to bring change in their own community. This approach has developed over the years as Nathan has been involved with NGOs as a volunteer coordinating emergency relief and medical trips, as well as Stateside events and fundraisers. Nathan is from the great state of New Hampshire, enjoys soul music, and fiercely loves his son and partner.


Social Media Director

Jim Williams lives in the Sierra Nevada’s and is passionate about the environment. He created a hiking collective to share some of these passions and teach his community basic trail safety and “leave no trace” ethics. He’s in the wilderness often, and would like to buy a ranch someday to house rescued pit bulls. Jim also plays and writes metal/hardcore music. Currently he is spending his time collecting and distributing warm clothes and sleeping bags/blankets to the homeless population of Reno, NV.


Grant advisor

Chris is a Restoration Ecologist living in Seattle, WA. He has 15+ years experience in non-profit management, project/program management, grant writing/management, public administration, community outreach, and partnership development/maintenance. Since a young age Chris longed to lead a life that makes a positive impact on the environment and it’s human and non human inhabitants.


Media Advisor

Tyson is a Canadian social activist, filmmaker, and founder of Back Porch Media, a company devoted to creating socially aware media productions. Tyson’s films have been screened in Film Festivals, on PBS, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and as viral videos on the Internet and around the world. Over the past 10 years, Tyson has established himself as a Director, Editor, and Producer working on a large array of film projects. Seeing the devastation immediately following the Haiti earthquake and the desperate need for relief and rebuiding inspired him to take direct action and get involved with One Hundred For Haiti. He spends his time between Salt Lake City and Vancouver, BC.


Honorary, always and forever core team member

Philip Duplessis is the former owner of the schooner Liberty and 2010 coordinator of marine logistics, Philip Duplessis was a driving force behind the 2010 mission to sail from Miami to Haiti with over ten thousand pounds of medical supplies and food. Philip’s dedication is so absolute that he sold his house to buy the schooner Liberty. A total hero.