Who We Are

One Hundred For Haiti creates and supports long-term social development and human rights programs related to water safety, house and roof construction, feeding hungry children, and violence prevention in rural Haiti.

One Hundred For Haiti started in 2010 as a relief organization after being a part of activist emergency response teams who delivered over 30,000 pounds of medical supplies and food to the people of Haiti by boat. Realizing that relief work creates a cycle of dependency, we formed officially and switched to a development model. Our focus is always on listening to the people we serve and supporting what THEY want, rather than imposing our own ideas for humanitarian support on them and their communities.

We currently focus on five main projects: supporting people in a rural region in the northeast of Haiti with roofs and walls on houses, providing clean water for cholera prevention with the Rural Water Project, helping to feed hungry kids, sending young people to school who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go, and offering funding for violence education in the south.

As of this time, since the start of the Rural Water Project by our predecessors in the region and through our management of it over the last five years, there have been zero cholera deaths, down from dozens in the years prior to the project. We currently work with forty communities and support local Haitians who manage, maintain, and repair the water cisterns in those communities.