GTPE Anti-Sexual Assault Education


From our partner in Haiti: “There are some incredible things happening where locals are really being empowered, and the trainings you decided to fund so long ago have lead to this incredible network of committees and a sort of expansion of the women’s and children’s rights authorities. The impact is still continuing.”

Why we’re involved in this and why you will want to help:

In the south of Haiti, violence against marginalized communities is an ongoing problem. A lack of education here about what violence and abuse actually are prevents those who have been affected from speaking out for themselves, or from reporting situations at all. In the last few years the number of reported assaults has been very high, and One Hundred For Haiti offered to help fund the GTPE initiative, a series of educational sessions in rural communities, letting parents, teachers, and locals know what violence and proper conduct with others is, what can be done to help prevent abuses, and how we might respond to it.

In many communities across Haiti, women are entirely underserved by social services. GTPE is a social services collective seeking to support the underserved women, children, and physically challenged people of rural Haiti.

When the first GTPE anti-violence training took place in the crime troubled Haitian community of Derrière Fort, the hope was that the community would respond positively to it. This is the first time in history that any organized conversations about assault, abuse, and protecting children have ever taken place in the south of Haiti.

Response far exceeded any expectations. After the training a group volunteered from within the community to serve as a follow up committee to further educate their neighbors. They did this on their own accord. No one suggested there should be a follow up committee. They made it happen because they believed the work was important.

Their inspiration led to people in every subsequent GTPE community to form their own follow up committees like this first one.

Here, Morgan Wienberg from ‘Little Footprints, Big Steps’ and GTPE members along with One Hundred For Haiti Board Vice President Nathan Bean and Executive Director Greg Bennick stand wearing shirts that say “Standing shoulder to shoulder we will combat violence”.

The goal: increased education, less abuse (specifically for children, women, and people who are disabled), and more empowerment for communities in southern Haiti.

GTPE training (2017)

The following photos are from a GTPE training in late 2017 in the community of Randell, an extremely rural region in great need – one must cross a river back and forth thirteen different times to get there.The trainers leading the training left at 6:30am to get there by 10AM to start. The training was in schools only, reaching hundreds of school children with ideas about respecting women and youth.