On this page you can follow along and see where we use the money
from the Chuminh Tofu Vegan Deli benefit in Seattle!


Our friends at Chuminh Tofu Vegan Deli in Seattle hosted a benefit for us on January 2nd 2021.

$2455.57 came in, from sales, and individual donations.

In Haiti, we are currently building two more houses from donations raised by the Bystander / Old Ghosts split LP sold in the USA and Europe. Then we will build one which was funded by a single anonymous donor.

After that, when we decide with our In-Country Director what the best use of it will be, we will send the benefit money to Haiti to put it into action, and you can track here what results came from your generosity!

THANK YOU to Chuminh and everyone who took part!

Money sent from Chuminh to One Hundred For Haiti: 1/15/2021

Deposited: 1/15/2021

Sent to Haiti: 1/22/2021 We are planning currently where the money will be best used.