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How to do a benefit show….the right way!

Posted on Jun 29, 2016 in Latest News

Seattle did it right. Check out the results from all the angles of this show: door/entry, raffle, bake sale, donations. This was from one night at a benefit punk/hardcore show at a small venue in Seattle. The show organizers worked to find sponsorships in the form of donations to a prize giveaway or raffle (note: check the laws in your state about raffles. In Washington we can’t officially do a raffle as a charity organization, so instead we did a “prize giveaway”. You’ll figure it out. Let us know if you have questions about that). Simultaneously, we had a team member meet with potential donors and found one willing to match all donations. Add a donation can or two on site with clear signage to let people know what the show is about, and a delicious vegan bake sale, and this show was a total win.

We asked promoters Terrence LeBeau and Chris LaPointe for their list of their top suggestions about doing a show of your own!

100FH benefit show Seattle results

Successful Fundraiser Tips
1. Be well organized
2. Create realistic fundraising goals
3. Create a task list and timeline associated with goals
4. Revisit task list and goals on a daily basis
5. Be resourceful/use all current resources first – people to help with event, potential donors, etc.
6. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Assemble a team. Delegate responsibility as needed.
7. Meet regularly with fundraiser team (once a week). Continue to delegate tasks and mark off tasks
8. Clearly and consistently articulate your cause/ask
9. Don’t be afraid to ask for money/support
10. Follow up with donors is essential – thank donors following the event. Hand written notes go a long way.

1. Focusing on community first and foremost. This absolutely could not have happened without support from friends in bands to play the show, friends who had record labels and donated to the prize drawing, friends who knew people who would donate cool things to it, and most importantly having a community who cared enough to come out on a work night and participate.
2. Allowing for plenty of time to plan. Chris and I worked together and gave ourselves about 2 months to iron out the details.
3. Focusing on things in the order of importance. (i.e. make sure the bands are locked in before talk of the prize drawing / raffle or anything else is happening)
4. Having structure in the planning process. When planning this show, we’d schedule weekly meetings to just sit down and talk about how it’s going and while we were sitting also use that time to text/e-mail people that we’ve been meaning to in regards to the event.
5. I think that the final count shows it but the prize giveaway (raffle) made nearly as much as the door did so I think that for future events a prize giveaway / raffle should be a key focus.

Text from the Facebook announcement for the event…
SEATTLE! TONIGHT! A benefit show for One Hundred For Haiti

Wake of Humanity record release show plus a drawing for prizes from our friends at Field Roast Grain Meat, Mighty-O Donuts, No Bones Beach Club, Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria, Dark Age Tattoo, Panic Records, New Age Records, Headfirst! Records, Excursion Records, and vegan cookbooks from Terry Romero. This fine fine show will also have an incredible vegan bake sale.

The best part: an anonymous donor will be DOUBLING all donations and money raised up to a total of $1000 for the night. That means that if we raise $1000, the donor will double it to $2000.

Doors at 7PM. Show AT 7:30PM at the Black Lodge (next to the Victory Lounge on Eastlake).

ODD MAN OUT (THE straight edge band of the next decade)

Wake of Humanity (vegan straightedge animal rights musicians)

Lowest Priority (passion + fury + commitment + sincerity)

We have a new WEBSTORE!

Posted on May 2, 2016 in Latest News, Uncategorized

Thanks to our friends at Overcast Design and Print, One Hundred For Haiti has a fully stocked and functional webstore:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.24.54 PM

Money from the sales of these items will go to two initiatives:

At the core of The Rural Water Project is an idea: we can save lives from cholera by providing people with the chance to control their own clean water sources and access to them. Water doesn’t flow from taps in rural Haiti. It flows from the ground. Cholera, at one point widespread in Haiti, can kill. But it doesn’t have to. With The Rural Water Project, we help Haitians capture water in cement tanks built by local Haitians at the source where it naturally flows. Once the water fills those tanks it can then be treated to kill the cholera. Since the start of the project, deaths from cholera (which had been rampant before) have dropped to ZERO in the region. One Hundred For Haiti plans to keep it that way.

In the last two years, the number of reported child rapes in the south of Haiti has been very high, and One Hundred For Haiti stepped in to fund the GTPE initiative, which is a series of educational sessions, ongoing across rural communities, letting parents, teachers, and locals know what is, and what is not, rape and abuse, and then what can be done to help prevent it. Our partners Little Footprints, Big Steps are in Haiti on the ground helping to facilitate the trainings and we are funding this initiative completely.

Volunteer your skills and talents! Here’s the help we need…

Posted on May 1, 2016 in Latest News

Want to help our work and put actions behind your desire to do something for others? You absolutely can. Here is a list of many of the things we are looking for help with. Download it (its a PDF), and be in touch with us anytime about where YOU can assist us.

Be in touch! We need your help for One Hundred For Haiti to grow and expand in 2016 and beyond!


Our volunteer coordinator Sarah Rolfe can point you in the right direction and get you started. You can email her anytime at: sarah (at) onehundredforhaiti (dot) org.

Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Rolfe speaks about why she is passionate about One Hundred For Haiti

Posted on Mar 14, 2016 in Latest News, Uncategorized

Thank you for this opportunity to share my story!
I’ve been involved with One Hundred For Haiti since December 2010, when Greg Bennick put out a request for an intern. This was leading up to a global initiative called 100 Shows for Haiti, an event happening over the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that shattered Haiti’s infrastructure and killed hundreds of thousands of lives. The goal was to arrange one hundred concerts and promotions all around the world. The proceeds went to direct action humanitarian aid, specifically to a doctor from Port au Prince, Dr. Jacques Denis, who had been giving away all medicine and medical care for free to the people his clinic serves. That was just the beginning. Before the cholera epidemic and the foreign NGO’s that helped debilitate the shaken economy.

I had the opportunity to draft press releases and blitz the local media. I helped however I could with organizing, promoting and helping facilitate communication among so many various volunteers all passionate about the mission to help

I saw the energy and passion of all these young volunteers and it sparked me to reinvest my time, dig deep and get more involved!

Over the years I’ve helped with a number of our various initiatives. I drafted up our bylaws and articles of incorporation and applied to the state and the feds for our 501c3 status – that was a huge win! On a couple different occasions I contacted local hospitals and surgery centers to organize donations of medical supplies for our Executive Director’s trips to Haiti. I helped organize donations of clothing and holiday presents for the Kai Angel orphanage and had my entire family make donations (including Bollywood DVD’s dubbed in French, very popular with their kids). I helped put together a benefit at Salty’s on Alki with their head piano man. I also helped put together a benefit from Gorilla FC (Seattle Sounders support group). This is just to name a few and doesn’t take into account the *countless* hours of brainstorming about the future, ways to make a difference, spread the word and fundraise!100fhsale

For a few years I had my work (Uncle Harry’s Natural Products) donate 20% of the proceeds for a few holiday gift items. Uncle Harry’s is a very earth friendly company that creates products that help with natural health so it was perfectly in line with both our missions to give back to a local non-profit focused on saving lives.

Over the years I’ve seen a few elections in Haiti, that end up being quite corrupt and I’ve seen NGO’s try to help in the wrong way, and then cut and run leaving the economy worse than before. One of the most important aspects of One Hundred for Haiti is the mission to help create sustainable growth. We help in ways that can lead to lasting support. Not just giving people money. That is akin to a Band-Aid on an open wound. Being involved has definitely changed my outlook on how a handful of individuals can help change the world.

Rico of the the Hardcore Help Foundation speaks about humanitarian activism

Posted on Mar 6, 2016 in Latest News, Uncategorized

IMG_6713When the Hardcore Help Foundation (HHF) started in 2011, Trial was honored to play one of its first shows, in the almost unpronounceable city of Monchengladbach Germany. It has since grown exponentially with support coming in from all over the world. This last year the HHF and One Hundred For Haiti teamed up on a shirt with the theme “EVERY HUMAN HAS RIGHTS” which will be available soon on our new online store. Rico took some time to answer a few questions for us recently and we are excited to share them with you now!

What was your motivation to start The Hardcore Help Foundation?
Back in 2011 I was a promoter, organizing small hardcore shows and festivals. In March of that year a horrible tsunami happened in Japan. One of my friends was hit by the tsunami. His school and the area he lived in was affected hard. After I heard what happened my friends and I started a donation run for him and his students. We started to ask the people at shows to donate their shirts and other merchandising and then we sold them directly and raised money. This idea worked out well and people started sending me merchandise from all over the world. After a few weeks it got me really thinking like why not make a charity out of it. Then we came up with a name and a logo and printed our first t-shirt. The feedback was kinda crazy. From there everything went pretty fast. RICO HHF

What is the primary focus of HHF?
In the beginning I really didn’t have any idea where this was going. It was not planned out. I didn’t have any experience doing charity work or fundraising. Everything went with the idea of “learn by doing”. Over the years we have had some ups and downs too. It’s always important to be creative. My main focus is to get better and grow so that the projects we have can be sustainable and run on their own.

When you think about the saying “a little goes a long way” what thoughts and feelings come up?
With a little kindness you can make a big difference. Best example is our wheelchair project. In Germany we collect them from hospitals or old-folks homes. Stuff which normally would be thrown away. I live in a country where it’s cheaper to throw things away then actually consider the option to re-use it. Most of the medical supplies we get are in really good shape. It’s actually pretty sad to see how much money is wasted. We collect something which has here no value and we ship it to Africa and give it to a family who really can’t afford it. Mostly the teenagers finally can get to school because of the wheelchair. This makes a big difference for the whole family. The gratitude of them is incredible.
What advice could you give to someone who wants to support a humanitarian efforts in their community and beyond?
Good question. Well if someone wants to support a local charity maybe see if you can give something back. I mean make some extra time free after work and get active instead of donating just money. Trust me after you start doing this your life will change.

What or who inspires you stay active and involved?
Many things keep me motivated. Most of the time it’s the little things which happening everyday. For example when am in Kenya helping on the ground it can be a hug from someone who really appreciates your help. Or nice conversation at a festival. Or just someone who has an amazing idea to do fundraising. All the people who are active in the hardcore scene who are trying to make a change inspire me like Greg and you guys. Am very proud to be part of a community which still cares. IMG_4357

Talk about how you built the network of bands who support HHF.
Think its a combination of everything which built the network. Being involved in the hardcore scene for more then over 20 years. Made a lot of friends through the years. Being a promoter for over 10 years helped a lot too.

Thank you Rico! Check out the Hardcore Help Foundation at: HERE.

Three quick questions with Vique Martin of Revelation Records

Posted on Mar 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

When we asked labels for donations for the March 4th 2016 benefit show, Revelation Records stepped up right away with shirts and music for our raffle that night. Vique Martin of Revelation answered a few questions for us this week in support of their donations. Be sure to head over to their website and check out the billion things they distribute.

1. Thank you for your donation! Why is it important for Revelation to support causes like One Hundred For Haiti?

Revelation likes to support all things amazing. One Hundred For Haiti is an incredible cause, and we trust Greg Bennick and all the people he works with, to make sure every single cent raised at fundraisers like this goes towards changing the lives for people in Haiti for the better.

2. What events or releases do you have coming up that you’d like people to know about?

We are currently working on helping raise money for the Jon Bunch memorial fund, and promoting the benefit show happening March 20th here in Orange County.

Of course we are so sad to lose Jon from our Revelation family, but it’s amazing to see our community come together to make something like this happen. It’s going to be an incredible celebration of Jon’s music.SENSEFIELD

Other releases in the works include the reissue of the Beyond “No longer at ease” LP, and some cool reissues that people here are really excited about. But I’m mostly excited about the Beyond!

3. What is YOUR favorite Revelation release?

That’s a hard question! I would have had many different answers for you over the years. But I would have to say that the release closest to my heart is the Kill Holiday “Somewhere Between The Wrong is Right” LP. I toured Europe with this guys for a month in ’97. I put out a 7″ for them on my label, simba. And it was the first record I was involved with releasing on Rev when I started working here in 1998. It just holds a special place in my heart. I’m excited the vinyl will be available again in stores on April 16th 2016 for the first time in years! It’s an incredible record. (Sense Field photo credit: Chris Higdon)

SAFE AND SOUND interview in advance of their benefit show March 4th in Tacoma WA

Posted on Feb 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Seattle hardcore band Safe and Sound is a band with heart. They had a record release benefit show on the 4th of March which raised $800 for One Hundred For Haiti. Jim Williams had a chance to ask them a few questions recently about their thoughts leading up to the show.

See the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE for more information on the show.

Introduce yourself and give us a little history of the band.

I’m Jaxon, I sing. Safe and Sound started January 2nd 2012 between a group of new friends as a 4 piece youth crew band. We went through a few member changes and additions, toured Canada, and the west coast a few times, released a demo, a promo tape, an EP, and a 7″ and now we are here with a completely different lineup, sound, and record that just came out!

What made you decide to use your release show as a benefit?
We all have talked a lot about wanting to use our platform we have from being in a band to actually do things that matter. We want to spread awareness and educate people so we thought teaming up with Greg and 100 For Haiti to make our release show a complete benefit for them is a giant step forward in what we want to do and what we want to see others doing in hardcore.

When you hear the phrase “a little goes a long way” what thoughts or ideas come to mind?

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.41.26 AM

The ability to take what you have for more than it’s worth. To see potential in things that other people wouldn’t. To sustain, to influence, to impact.

Talk about the idea of community as it relates to your involvement in the hardcore scene.

Community is something hardcore desperately needs because it brings everyone together to see a common goal or to work together to strive for positive impacts in an outside of the scene. It’s putting on a benefit show for someone in need, it’s writing zines, it’s reaching out to the local schools or community centers to get kids involved in music, community is a bond and a closeness that brings ideas to become realities and allows people to talk and share ideas about anything. To me a functioning hardcore community is an active one. Booking shows, starting a bands, anything to keep your local scene thriving.

How important are humanitarian efforts to Safe & Sound as a band? How important do you feel those efforts are to hardcore and punk in general?

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.41.48 AM

I think it’s very important to consider the implications of every action we take. Kindness and sympathy can go a very long way in every aspect of life. To extend a hand is to take a big step and I feel like in hardcore there are those more than willing to extend but there are many more willing to take or to stand by. In the end it’s all up to a moral choice to want to help or hurt. You can build something or you can break something. Efforts to bring people together in a community are strong in punk and hardcore but is the intent of it all always to benefit other people? Not entirely in my mind. But to those willing to build more than they break, they are the ones really taking steps in this world.

What’s coming up next for Safe and Sound? Future tours, releases, plans?

After our record release we will be embarking on an almost month long tour through the U.S. After that we will be playing the final Bane Seattle show in April, Rainfest in May, a few summer tours, and a Midwest/South tour planned in September. Our goal is Europe and Japan so hopefully early next year or sooner we will be in one of those places. Also expect an LP next year!

100FH benefit March 4 2016

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