New clean water tank in Haiti built and confirmed

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After Hurricane Matthew, our local contacts in the north of Haiti have been inspired to make their communities safer for the future. They just sent us a photo of yet ANOTHER completed water cistern (which YOU provided the funding for!) to protect yet another group of families from cholera.

Each tank is locally designed and locally constructed, and catches naturally flowing water at its source and holds it so that it can be treated in the case of any natural event or disaster which might reintroduce cholera or contaminants from the water table.



One Hundred For Haiti interview on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

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The Ron and Don Show featured Executive Director Greg Bennick on their afternoon show today to talk about the values of One Hundred For Haiti, our approach to relief efforts after a disaster like Hurricane Matthew, and how people can get involved to help.

The interview is runs 9 minutes and 18 seconds.  Thank you Ron and Don!  Check them out on Facebook here.


Photos just in from Hurricane Matthew relief efforts

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Photos just in from Haiti. Your donations are being put directly to work by One Hundred For Haiti. We partnered with trusted Haitian contact Thony Bellevue who put together the following support for people in need in the south and then delivered that aid directly to them in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Your donations have been part of a group effort which delivered:

• 278 kits (containing packets of crackers, bread, and other foods, personal items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, Kotex)
• Clothes for 62 men
• Shoes for 28 men
• Clothes for 42 women
• Shoes for 53 women
• 12 hand saw
• 10 machetes 

Our partners report that they were also able to shelter:

• 5 big families
• 4 small families

And also give small amounts of financial support directly to 20 mothers who have babies under 3 years old.

This is just the beginning. Next we will likely be using your donations to support a pediatric team heading to the south. We are in communication with them today awaiting details and plans to make sure all money will be used as its intended. We will always act in ways which insure the best possible use for your donations.


Hurricane relief in motion

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A note from Greg in behalf of the entire team:

“Your donations to One Hundred For Haiti got locally-sourced Hurricane relief in motion today in Haiti. Close to one hundred for these kits were put together by our contact in Haiti for direct distribution to people in need in the south. I stress “locally-sourced” because I don’t want to fall into the trap of shipping supplies to Haiti which costs twice: we pay for shipping to Haiti then local Haitians pay through losses incurred when free supplies show up in their country and undercut their sales or production of items available there already.

Nearly one hundred kits are going out this morning by truck from Port au Prince with a hundred more funded five minutes ago as I sit up with insomnia at 3:30am working from my phone.

Each kit contains packets of crackers, bread, and other foods, personal items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, Kotex, and as funds allow, clothing and blankets. All locally sourced. All on the way.

You can help.

More initiatives and action will follow in the next few days. We are in touch with multiple contacts in Haiti to determine the most effective use of your compassionately sent donations. Thank you all.”


Thoughts on relief from Hurricane Matthew

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In the last 48 hours we have been in touch – as much as communication breakdowns due to the storm have allowed – with allies in Haiti asking the most important of questions: what do YOU need?  Secondly, and this will help us make sure that every dollar donated to us during this time is used most effectively, we are looking into what local resources are available which we might support rather than sending aid wildly and thus duplicating available local Haitian resources. The difficult issue is that the bridge at Petit Goave is down, and this is the major way that supplies reach the south.  It might be that sending things by air is the only way.  We will know soon.  We would rather wait to hear absolute news than to send money without knowing exactly where its going and why.  After the earthquake, countless tons of supplies were sent to Haiti and many of those supplies were essentially free/donated examples of products already grown, made, and manufactured in Haiti.

By sending free supplies without asking first what was available locally, many local producers found themselves undermined by the aid. In order to prevent this from happening, we are being careful and strategic.  As news from Haiti unfolds, so will our action/reaction plan. We won’t be the first on the ground, and we won’t have the biggest response, but we will make sure that not one dollar donated is squandered on goodwill gestures that are disconnected from the reality of the situation and the needs and desires of the people.  More soon.

Share this new promo video: help us spread the word!

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This video, downloadable HERE for emailing and posting (its only 6.9mb!) will help us spread the word about what we do.  Please share far and wide!

News from Hurricane Matthew

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Word from Morgan Weinberg in the south of Haiti earlier:

“No Way To Send Pics And Phone Will Die Soon. Roofs, Water Reserves, Electrical Boxes All In Streets, So Many Houses Swept Away In Flooding. Over 100 houses gone.”

A needs list was just posted on an emergency medical group list from Haiti too:lescayeshurricane

“Housing For Families – Temporary, Repairs, New Homes, Food Ready to Eat, Blankets Immediately”

One Hundred For Haiti is normally focused on development projects but now what matters most is support for emergency services and relief. We are often vocal that “relief” creates a cycle of dependency, but an emergency situation is a different circumstance. Our plan is to collect monetary donations then send them directly to people in Haiti who are focus points for aid. This means NOT to the major relief orgs because you never know where money ends up, but to specific contacts who are coordinating efforts on the ground.


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