Social Media Director wanted! Are YOU the one for us?

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WANTED: a Social Media Director for One Hundred For Haiti. We need someone to help us ramp up our social media presence. You: knowledgable and aware about the workings of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…all of which need regular posts and updates. We’d like to push some of our YouTube videos as well. Are you familiar with Pinterest? If so, great. We can explore developing a presence there too.

You will work with Greg Bennick our Executive Director who will provide basic ideas for content, images, words and ideas, themes…and then beyond that you will have creative freedom to create content and manage posts.

Expectations are: we would like twitter updated daily once or twice (these can be scheduled and written in advance), instagram every 72 hours (we have a vast selection of images to work with), and Facebook reminders weekly (or as you see fit) about humanitarian work, how to organize locally, reminding people about the possibility of recurring donations, facts about Haiti and what we’ve done, and general fundraising ideas.

One Hundred For Haiti is a fully official 501c3 non-profit organization. This is not a paid position. Everyone with One Hundred For Haiti is a volunteer.100FH

If you are a good writer, able to stay focused and follow through without direct metrics for success (often as you know posts won’t get direct response), and willing to support our work through your time, please contact us today.

Keeping former child slaves safe in the south of Haiti

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While we were in Haiti this spring, we visited the safe house for former child slaves and homeless children being run by our friend Morgan Wienberg. Morgan works for Little Footprints / Big Steps and has been directly supporting homeless youth in the city of Les Cayes in the south of Haiti for years now. She has lived with them, nurtured them, kept them safe, and seen them grow. The children she oversees live full time in the space with her. The compound itself consists of a central house in the middle of an open space surrounded by a ten foot high concrete wall.

In discussion with Morgan, she explained that while the safe house and the space they live in is generally safe, a lack of barbed wire on the walls around the compound means that people have been breaking in at night, harassing the youth, stealing from them, and being violent. We asked if having barbed wire around the compound at the top of the walls would help. Morgan said that the problem is that the house is a rental, and the landlord is unwilling to do any improvements to it as a result.

We have found that solving problems is often about disregarding limits: we asked if we could fund not only the barbed wire, and its installation, but also the removal of the barbed wire at any point in the future that Morgan and the children moved out of the space. Then the landlord could have his unsafe safe house back! Morgan happily agreed, and the plan was set in place.

For these boys, all of whom were on the streets before Little Footprints / Big Steps invited them to have a better life inside the walls of the safe house, life has not been easy. They suffer from post traumatic stress disorder at times, which is heightened by a lack of personal safety within the compound when there is no barbed wire. We are going to change that this month. You made this possible through your donations. More details to come as the barbed wire is installed.

Phase One of the Rural Water Project: FUNDED!

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Phase one of our Rural Water Project was funded today for the rural area of Ranquitte. We – meaning YOU – paid for Haitian workers in extremely rural areas to build ten water treatment tanks. These tanks will protect the water supply, currently coming directly from the ground from natural springs, from infecting people with cholera when storms disrupt the groundwater and reintroduce larger amounts of cholera into the water. We expect 15,000 people in Haiti to never have to worry about dying of cholera again as a result of this project. Thanks to our partners from Peacework Medical who originally built the first tanks in the area which we saw on our trip there a few months ago. Phase two will begin in the fall: more water tanks, more lives saved.


One Hundred PURSES for Haiti?

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Gwen Whipple retired last year but decided to stay busy. The Seattle resident has a love both for fabrics and for the work One Hundred For Haiti is doing in Haiti. She recently decided to take her passion and transform it into a fundraising campaign for us. It was all her idea. Gwen makes handmade purses like the one shown below and has set a goal to sell one hundred of these for us. She has raised hundreds of dollars so far. We asked her recently about the campaign and where her idea came from.

100FH: How did you get involved with sewing and how did the idea of the purses for Haiti project come together?
GWEN: It started about twenty years ago when I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Sacramento. Betty signed me up for a quilting class. GwenI had no supplies but it was so exciting and fun. Once I started going to quilt shows I found fun patterns for bags and purses. I still get to put the colors together (my specialty) but the projects get to the finish line quicker. I got inspired hearing Greg Bennick speak recently in a keynote presentation at an event. His passion for the people of the country was intoxicating, and drunk on excitement I decided I could do something. I knew I was going to keep making these purses so I thought, wouldn’t it be great for the proceeds to go to a fund where the money is clearly helping people pick themselves up and have a better life? The next thing was to broaden my exposure so, with my new goal of one hundred purses for Haiti, I began networking.

100FH: How long does it take to make one purse?
GWEN: I often cut the fabric out one day and do the sewing the next day. If I worked on it straight through, it takes about 5-6 hours including the button and beading. I always have 4-5 fabric combinations lined up. I love it when I get requests for theme fabric (“can you make me one with owls?” or “My friend loves elephants, can you make one with elephants?”)

100FH: Why is this cause important to you?
GWEN: I trust that this money is in good hands and helping brighten lives. Gwen purseIt started simply with clean water now those same people are asking for help to help themselves through conditions most of us have never had to endure. Life is good for me, how could I refuse this simple request to help? It is a win-win-win. I get to feed the creative side of my brain, someone gets to walk around with a new stylish purse knowing that the money spent is going to a great cause, and One Hundred for Haiti gets a new stream of money to fund programs.

Gwen had this to add about the purses:
“They are 8 1/2″ X 13″ tube top purses with plenty of pockets. They have four inside pockets for pens and credit cards, two full-width outside pockets with buttons on front and Velcro on back. The tube top is available for the stuff you really don’t want exposed and folds down to reveal the embellishments. The strap goes across your body and fits nicely on your hip. It has room in the back pocket for a Kindle (a nice bonus). I use mine for my full-time purse. It works great for travel and gambling as it can swing around and sit in your lap while you are on your favorite machine your money is close at hand…your hand no one else’s!”

To contact Gwen with questions, email her at:

Amazon partnership benefits One Hundred For Haiti

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We are officially registered with’s non-profit “Smile” support program. This means that if you use the following link for your shopping at Amazon (it is the same Amazon experience, just with a different starting link other than simply “”) then a percentage of all of your purchases will benefit One Hundred For Haiti!

Please share that link with your friends who use Amazon!

First water tank built in the village of Haute Pont!

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Our Rural Water Project campaign to save 15,000 lives from cholera is underway and already making an impact. This photo, just in from the tiny rural village of Haute Pont shows the first completed water tank. This tank catches water from a local natural spring, and once filled to the top is treated to kill deadly cholera bacteria. The man drinking from the tank is doing so knowing that the water, for the first time in years, is absolutely safe to drink. We are working with local people to build the tanks under the guidelines established by those local people along with our friends from Peacework Medical (an outstanding all-volunteer medical initiative with extensive knowledge about cholera and how to prevent it). One Hundred For Haiti provide the funds, and local Haitians do the work on behalf of their own communities. They know how to build the tanks and more importantly how to FIX the tanks themselves.

In the last few years we have seen so many overpriced water projects in Haiti that are ineffectively managed on the local level: these are projects which get built, often at extremely inflated cost to donors, and then if they break they can’t be fixed by local people. The Rural Water Project is entirely different. Our project is inexpensive, highly effective, and easily managed on the local level. This empowers people, and that is of value at the highest level.

Haute Pont

Moto Logistics at work! Meet our new driver…

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Moto Logistics is working in Ranquitte Haiti. Meet Dimitche our newest driver in the Moto Logistics program! Your donations have changed his life and the lives of countless Haitians in his community. This is direct response action at work in the best possible way. Your donations funded the motos that are being used in the community, and in time the proceeds they raise will fund other motos to be purchased here and in other rural places.

One Hundred For Haiti is working, and you help make it possible through your generosity.


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