Seventy Families Fed As Part of Coronavirus Response

Posted on May 21, 2020

You fed these people. Seventy families in the Ranquitte region each received seven pounds of beans, seven pounds of rice, and a bottle of cooking oil this week thanks to your recent donations.
This is another Haitian initiative. We asked what was needed most during Covid response. Our Haitian contacts told us that there are marginalized people in their community who were having a more difficult time accessing food during the pandemic.
Desperate times call for new tactics. We focus on development rather than relief, but when the world falls apart we are only as strong as those who would otherwise be left behind. This amount of food only keeps a family going for a little under a week, but its a step in the right direction, and it is what we could afford.
One Hundred For Haiti supports how we can, when we can, with the resources we have. We do that with your help. Seventy families thank you.
(Photos taken and used with permission)

One Hundred Hand Washing Stations Built in Ranquitte

Posted on May 16, 2020

Over a hundred of these hands-free, hand washing stations have been built throughout Ranquitte Haiti over the last two weeks to help with Coronavirus protection.
This is an entirely Haitian initiative. We had collectively come up together with an idea for 28 hand washing stations with a particular style (as our previous post described). Our Haitian friends suggested they could do over 100 of them if they just changed the approach and used readily available local materials. Done.
You step on the stick, and it tilts the water jug forward to spill water on your hands as you wash them, preventing people from having to handle the same water tap.
One Hundred For Haiti supports how we can, when we can, with the resources we have. We won’t change the country forever, but the efforts you make possible absolutely affect individual and community lives for the better every day.

COVID-19 Response in Haiti: Keeping hands clean and families fed

Posted on Apr 22, 2020

One Hundred for Haiti has teamed with our friends at Haitihelpers to set up hand washing stations in twenty-eight rural villages to fight Coronavirus in the area we serve in Haiti. Every hand station will be monitored by a single person who is responsible for turning the water tap on and off, both to conserve water so that water doesn’t flow continually during hand washing, and also so that this person only – with methodically washed hands – is the one who touches the spigot.

In addition, One Hundred For Haiti is providing beans, rice, and cooking oil directly to the 71 poorest families in the region. We are providing enough food for those families to eat for about a week.

We want this to be an ongoing project and we need your help. A donation of $20 per month feeds an entire family for close to a week (depending on family size).  Consider being a monthly donor and you will make a direct impact for people in need.

Brenda from Haitihelpers said, “It just breaks my heart that these people are having to stay in their homes to keep from spreading this virus and do not have access to food.” 

Thanks to your help we are making a difference.

New video with information in Kreyol for friends in Haiti

Posted on Apr 3, 2020

Zanmi’m yo! Silvouplè gade ti videyo sa a sou Kowonaviris poun ka gen plis enfòmasyon sou kijan poun pwoteje tèt nou ak lòt moun

Haitian friends! Please watch this video in Kreyol about coronavirus for information about how to help protect yourself and others

Ranquitte Haiti leads the way in Coronavirus response!

Posted on Mar 28, 2020

Our friends in Ranquitte Haiti are proactive about the Coronovirus on a level that far surpasses the early federal response in the USA!

There are eight confirmed cases of coronavirus officially registered in the country as of today (though no cases or suspected cases specifically in Ranquiite). Regardless, municipal authorities in the area are taking Coronavirus seriously. The mayor and other  leaders met yesterday with doctors, local delegates, and medical officials to define a strategy to raise awareness in the community towards prevention.

Information in Kreyol will be distributed about social distancing (culturally a challenge) and hand washing techniques. A sound truck will drive through communities this weekend and beyond broadcasting clear information about the virus on a loudspeaker. This is a common way to distribute information in Haiti. The goal is to help people understand what is the virus is, what rumors are currently circulating about it, and how people can help prevent transmission.

Hand washing stations with soap and water are going up in the streets of Ranquitte as well. Well done, friends!


Information in Kreyol about Coronoavirus for our Haitian friends

Posted on Mar 15, 2020

A TOUT ZANMI MWEN YO AN HAYITI: Gen yon enfomasyon kap sikile ki ta fè kwè ke siw mete lalwa nan yon dlo cho épi ou bwè li pandan 6 jou lap anpeche ou gen Coronavirus oubyen lap geri Coronavirus. Se pa vre, se manti. Si yo voye mesaj sa a pou ou e mande ou pouw pataje li pa fè sa paske se pa vre. Siw bezwen enfomasyon oubyen siw gen kesyon kontakte nou sou paj nou an.

HAITIAN FRIENDS: The rumor of a fake cure currently circulating in Haiti saying that drinking water mixed with “1 pice of ALOE” will prevent coronavirus is NOT TRUE!  Please DO NOT share that information if your friends send it to you, even though the post tells you to. The information is WRONG.  If you have any questions, write us through our contact page.


A tout zanmi Mwen yo an Hayiti. Enfòmasyon sou konsènan koronaviris. Souple li l e pataje enfòmasyon sa a, a tout zanmi w e fanmi w.

For our friends in Haiti. Information about the coronavirus. Please read and share this information with your friends and family. 

All four images are downloadable by clicking each image below or AS A GROUP HERE:

Our Feeding Program Needs Your Support!

Posted on Jan 20, 2020

Children eating healthy meals on January 19th 2020 in Ranquitte Haiti

A few years ago, we learned that a local friend in Haiti was paying out of his own pocket to feed fifty hungry kids in Ranquitte, Haiti. This friend has helped us coordinate projects in one of the rural communities we support, so for him to be burdened with the financial responsibility of feeding local kids means that other projects to develop the community can’t progress as efficiently. We offered to support the feeding program and our “Healthy Kids, Healthy Future” project was born.

The idea is simple: feed kids, and their ability to study and thrive will be increased. All the talk of kids being the future is put into action here. Educate a future generation – who can actually pay attention because their bellies are full – and you help to insure a better future for the community when these kids grow older.

It costs $75 to feed fifty kids, five times for a week. That means five days of one full meal a day where otherwise they might not have eaten. We are looking for donors to sustain this project. 

Please consider a recurring monthly donation. Fifteen people donating $20 each per month would keep the project going indefinitely. If that option is beyond your budget, please consider a one-time donation, or a recurring monthly donation within your budget. This is relief, temporarily, but development long term. Having been there to see the results and faces firsthand, we know that it is a success now, and will continue to be into the future.

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