United Nations admits role in cholera and One Hundred For Haiti responds

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Today the United Nations finally admitted responsibility for their role in starting the cholera epidemic in Haiti. This, after denying it for years, though aid workers have known all along.

GREG BENNICK was interviewed by KOMO News Radio about One Hundred For Haiti’s response to this news. You can listen to that three-minute interview here.

To download the audio file, click HERE.

READ the official One Hundred For Haiti press release about the UN announcement and our response to it here.

For a country which has been under the heel of powerful external forces for centuries, this is just the latest injustice served to the people there. Cholera, which has not been in Haiti in recorded history, has now killed close to ten thousand people.

Click here for an excellent MTV article on racism as it relates to cholera, and the origins/response to the disease.
Click here for NEW YORK TIMES story
Click here for Washington Post story

Get involved with our efforts to end cholera in one region of north central Haiti. Read about the Rural Water Project under “CURRENT INITIATIVES”.

NOTE: Haitian Creole / English speakers = please download our Cholera Information Sheet (translated into Creole) here for distribution in Haiti.

Enough with the bullshit

Posted on Aug 16, 2016 in Latest News

Woke up in Port au Prince this morning thinking about how much I spend on bullshit each month. Things I think I need. Excess. Extras. Stuff.

If each one of our friends – that means us too – signed up to donate to One Hundred For Haiti even just part of what we spend on bullshit each month Root PaP photo(the amount of your double tall iced vanilla latte with soy milk or my Netflix subscription) as a recurring monthly donation, we could fund in just TWO months all of our Rural Water Project‘s anti-cholera program and all of the anti-violence GTPE sexual assault trainings. Basically we would be fully funded through 2017.

Help us fund these important programs. I promise we’ll each still have enough money left over for bullshit.

(wonders which restaurant he will get a burrito from this week back home, considers all the things he saw in Haiti this week, presses “post” from his beloved MacBook Air…)

Water is a right: help us bring that to the people

Posted on Aug 15, 2016 in Latest News

While we still need donations to support it, we want to go full speed ahead for late 2016 and into 2017 on our clean water project in rural Haiti, supporting the request OF the people and FROM the people to be protected from cholera in ways that are community driven, community built, community monitored.

Here is what we DON’T do:

– We don’t come in and tell anyone what they need
– We don’t build anything for people: we support them building their own systems to protect themselves and their communities
– We don’t lead the project, we allow ourselves to be led

Here is what we DO, always:

– We listen to the people
– We follow guidelines established for us by medical professionals about cholera and have shared that information in the local Creole language as handouts so that people can be further protected
– We serve the people overall by supporting them serving themselves

Please consider signing up for a recurring monthly donation…you would be amazed at how far even $5 per month can go.

For more in the project, see OUR LINK TO THE RURAL WATER PROJECT HERE.

NOTE: Haitian Creole / English speakers = please download the Cholera Information Sheet (translated into Creole) for distribution in Haiti.

Sexual assault education in the south of Haiti

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Today we met face to face with our fellow team members in the GTPE (Working Group for the Protection of Children) in the south of Haiti. Our partner Morgan Wienberg from Little Footprints, Big Steps coordinated this meeting to let us hear directly from team members about the work they have completed in phase one of these trainings over the last year.

In GTPE, a consortium of government and local officials travel to meet with rural people in order to hear about what problems those local communities face. Then at a grass roots level, decisions are made about what can be done in those neighborhoods to curb the rising tide of violent crime across the south of Haiti. Your donations let GTPE train over five thousand people about what violence and sexual assault are and how to start at the community level coming up with solutions to these problems.

Today was a Saturday and people still came out to the meeting. A turn out like this is unheard of in this part of Haiti. These are community members who BELIEVE in their communities becoming stronger. We are helping to make that happen.Derriere Fort GTPE meeting

In this photo, volunteer task force committee members from the community of Derrière Fort are acknowledged as follow up outreach workers by members of the neighborhood. Each of these committee members will be actively spreading the word about the work being done and will ask other members of the community to get involved.

We need to raise money for phase two of this work. You can help: consider a monthly recurring donation in the amount you think is worth it to stop the rape of a child, or the abuse of a spouse. Its that simple. If you were to donate even $5 or $10 per month, over the course of a year you would help this work continue in a major way. We will be funding the next round of GTPE trainings in the months ahead. Now is a great time to get involved!

August 2016 Journey to Haiti

Posted on Aug 6, 2016 in Latest News

We are leaving for Haiti in 24 hours to visit the Rural Water Project and check in with our local contacts about all of the safe water sources your contributions have provided in the last year through donations.


Then after a few days of hiking in the hills to those water sites, and meeting with local people, we will make our way to the south of Haiti where we will meet with representatives of GTPE in order to plan out the next phase of the anti-sexual assault education resource training.

SHOWN HERE: one of our Haitian friends sent us this photo of a boy next to the security door YOU paid to have built to protect a cistern which had been built through donations around a water source.

All possible because of YOU. Become a recurring monthly donor, buy a shirt, get involved. We are making a difference in the lives of people who need it.

More updates soon!

How to do a benefit show….the right way!

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Seattle did it right. Check out the results from all the angles of this show: door/entry, raffle, bake sale, donations. This was from one night at a benefit punk/hardcore show at a small venue in Seattle. The show organizers worked to find sponsorships in the form of donations to a prize giveaway or raffle (note: check the laws in your state about raffles. In Washington we can’t officially do a raffle as a charity organization, so instead we did a “prize giveaway”. You’ll figure it out. Let us know if you have questions about that). Simultaneously, we had a team member meet with potential donors and found one willing to match all donations. Add a donation can or two on site with clear signage to let people know what the show is about, and a delicious vegan bake sale, and this show was a total win.

We asked promoters Terrence LeBeau and Chris LaPointe for their list of their top suggestions about doing a show of your own!

100FH benefit show Seattle results

Successful Fundraiser Tips
1. Be well organized
2. Create realistic fundraising goals
3. Create a task list and timeline associated with goals
4. Revisit task list and goals on a daily basis
5. Be resourceful/use all current resources first – people to help with event, potential donors, etc.
6. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Assemble a team. Delegate responsibility as needed.
7. Meet regularly with fundraiser team (once a week). Continue to delegate tasks and mark off tasks
8. Clearly and consistently articulate your cause/ask
9. Don’t be afraid to ask for money/support
10. Follow up with donors is essential – thank donors following the event. Hand written notes go a long way.

1. Focusing on community first and foremost. This absolutely could not have happened without support from friends in bands to play the show, friends who had record labels and donated to the prize drawing, friends who knew people who would donate cool things to it, and most importantly having a community who cared enough to come out on a work night and participate.
2. Allowing for plenty of time to plan. Chris and I worked together and gave ourselves about 2 months to iron out the details.
3. Focusing on things in the order of importance. (i.e. make sure the bands are locked in before talk of the prize drawing / raffle or anything else is happening)
4. Having structure in the planning process. When planning this show, we’d schedule weekly meetings to just sit down and talk about how it’s going and while we were sitting also use that time to text/e-mail people that we’ve been meaning to in regards to the event.
5. I think that the final count shows it but the prize giveaway (raffle) made nearly as much as the door did so I think that for future events a prize giveaway / raffle should be a key focus.

Text from the Facebook announcement for the event…
SEATTLE! TONIGHT! A benefit show for One Hundred For Haiti

Wake of Humanity record release show plus a drawing for prizes from our friends at Field Roast Grain Meat, Mighty-O Donuts, No Bones Beach Club, Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria, Dark Age Tattoo, Panic Records, New Age Records, Headfirst! Records, Excursion Records, and vegan cookbooks from Terry Romero. This fine fine show will also have an incredible vegan bake sale.

The best part: an anonymous donor will be DOUBLING all donations and money raised up to a total of $1000 for the night. That means that if we raise $1000, the donor will double it to $2000.

Doors at 7PM. Show AT 7:30PM at the Black Lodge (next to the Victory Lounge on Eastlake).

ODD MAN OUT (THE straight edge band of the next decade)

Wake of Humanity (vegan straightedge animal rights musicians)

Lowest Priority (passion + fury + commitment + sincerity)

We have a new WEBSTORE!

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Thanks to our friends at Overcast Design and Print, One Hundred For Haiti has a fully stocked and functional webstore:

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.24.54 PM

Money from the sales of these items will go to two initiatives:

At the core of The Rural Water Project is an idea: we can save lives from cholera by providing people with the chance to control their own clean water sources and access to them. Water doesn’t flow from taps in rural Haiti. It flows from the ground. Cholera, at one point widespread in Haiti, can kill. But it doesn’t have to. With The Rural Water Project, we help Haitians capture water in cement tanks built by local Haitians at the source where it naturally flows. Once the water fills those tanks it can then be treated to kill the cholera. Since the start of the project, deaths from cholera (which had been rampant before) have dropped to ZERO in the region. One Hundred For Haiti plans to keep it that way.

In the last two years, the number of reported child rapes in the south of Haiti has been very high, and One Hundred For Haiti stepped in to fund the GTPE initiative, which is a series of educational sessions, ongoing across rural communities, letting parents, teachers, and locals know what is, and what is not, rape and abuse, and then what can be done to help prevent it. Our partners Little Footprints, Big Steps are in Haiti on the ground helping to facilitate the trainings and we are funding this initiative completely.

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