With Your Help, Moto Logistics Program Starts

Photos just in of the new motorcycle fleet that we were able to purchase for the first ever all-Haitian Emergency Response Team in Haiti. These are motos purchased with donations ranging from $2 to $2000 from people just like you! One Hundred For Haiti’s work is only possible with your support.

Get creative and think of ways YOU can include your family, work, community, in the incredible projects we have going on! Bake sale? Sure. Info session at work with us skyping in and speaking to the group? Sure! Local fundraiser themed to perserverance and dedication with Haiti as a throughline? Sure! Anything is a great idea as long as it has integrity and keeps the people we serve as the focus. Be in touch if you have questions!

These motorcycles will be used to move responders to emergencies cutting through traffic and cutting down response times in ‘the golden hour’.