Monthly Archives: January 2020

Our Feeding Program Needs Your Support!

A few years ago, we learned that a local friend in Haiti was paying out of his own pocket to feed fifty hungry kids in Ranquitte, Haiti. This friend has helped us coordinate projects in one of the rural communities we support, so for him to be burdened with the financial responsibility of feeding local […]

Success in Providing Mental Health Counseling for Protection Workers in Haiti

In the midst of the anniversary of the quake, we have been speaking as often as we can about development rather than relief (see the recent video interview recorded on the anniversary of the quake with Greg and David Pierre-Louis of Kay Tita) One Hundred For Haiti focuses in the south of Haiti on ensuring […]

David Pierre-Louis speaking in Seattle on the 10th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake

Local Haiti support organization Kay Tita worked in three USA cities to create cultural awareness events on January 12th 2020, the tenth anniversary of the earthquake. After bands, Haiti-related movies, and speakers, Kay Tita Executive Director David Pierre-Louis and One Hundred For Haiti Executive Director Greg Bennick spoke at the Seattle event on being first […]

2019 into 2020: Roofs built, kids fed, with much more news to come

We are looking forward to 2020 with hope and determination. 2019 was a wild and very difficult year in Haiti. There were disruptive protests throughout the country rooted in a gasoline shortage which kept the political situation very unstable for the better part of the year. Imagine if almost all gas was gone, electricity was […]

January 12th 2020 Special Event at Vera Project in Seattle, on the Tenth Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake

Local Haitian organization Kay Tita partners with The Vera Project, Konbit Cafe, Breach Barista Collective and One Hundred For Haiti to remember the community and the people affected by the 2010 Earthquake.  Kay Tita has curated a series of Haitian films guaranteed to leave a mark on our hearts and to keep Haiti and the […]