David Pierre-Louis speaking in Seattle on the 10th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake


Local Haiti support organization Kay Tita worked in three USA cities to create cultural awareness events on January 12th 2020, the tenth anniversary of the earthquake.

After bands, Haiti-related movies, and speakers, Kay Tita Executive Director David Pierre-Louis and One Hundred For Haiti Executive Director Greg Bennick spoke at the Seattle event on being first responders after the earthquake, what work has been done since the quake, and why they do what they do.

Kay Tita has been focusing on technology and education, working in Port-au-Prince to establish annual startup weeks and looks forward to building a full cultural center in the city. It is seeking $3,000,000 in funding to make that a reality. One Hundred For Haiti continues to focus on roof building in rural Haiti, feeding hungry children, helping locals establish clean water systems, and funding anti-violence assault education.