Direct action trip to Haiti – January 2014

Haiti Map

On January 18th 2014, our One Hundred For Haiti Executive Director  is heading to Haiti, supported by the One Hundred For Haiti team back home in the USA and by the donations of people like you worldwide who have made the purchase of valuable supplies and strategic planning possible. The trip is going to be broken into two parts, each about one week long, outlined below:

During week one, he will travel to Ranquitte, in the north of Haiti, along with a group of medical professionals (and a principal donor to One Hundred For Haiti) in order to finish a medical clinic being built there. The clinic will be all Haitian run, and the purpose of this week – aside from helping to finish the walls and paint throughout the clinic – will be to establish connections with the people at the clinic for installation of two motorcycles there through One Hundred For Haiti’s “Moto Logistics” program. The clinic could use two motorcycles to transport people and clinic workers by day and taxi clients by night in order to generate funds for the clinic.

After that first week, the medical team flies home to the USA from Port au Prince and Greg will be staying on alone traveling through Haiti for an additional eight days in order to make contact with other recipients of aid and development programming via One Hundred For Haiti. The plan is to install Moto Logistics in as many locations as possible in 2014. In addition to the goal of strengthing potential Moto Logistics contacts throughout Haiti during this trip, Greg has over one hundred pounds of medicine and medical supplies with him for the new clinic at which Dr Jacques Denis, long time in-country partner, is working. He will visit and supply another clinic in Port au Prince with basic medicine as well. Team member Sarah Rolfe secured some of these medical supplies through networking locally to the professional medical community in the Seattle area.

After two days in Port au Prince, he will then travel to visit Kay Angel Orphanage in Jacmel in the south of Haiti where he will meet with the current director of the orphanage about the children they serve, most of whom have been orphaned by the AIDS virus.

He will then visit our close friends in the village of La Source to see how their Moto Logistics program is going, and then travel west to meet the boys of ‘Little Footprints, Big Steps’ the safe house on the Haitian peninsula to which we donated bikes in our “Bikes For the Boys” program last year. Many of these recipients were former child slaves who got a new lease on life from the freedom they found in the bikes we were able to donate. As always, a little effort goes a long way.

After checking in with all of those people firsthand and hearing their stories, Greg’s trip will wrap up back in Port au Prince on the 4th of February. He will come home and send out a newsletter bout the trip to all who have either donated or signed up on our website.

As always, stay tuned to our twitter and Facebook feeds as we hope to send updates from Haiti with news. Social media director Derrick Hachey will be on the receiving side of any updates from Greg in Haiti and will be posting as often as possible.

Thank YOU so much for spreading the word. You have no idea how far a quick tag or mention on Facebook or twitter goes to help us make progress in the work that we are all doing together. For you it takes one click, but the person who sees that tag, or link, might decide to join our efforts and thus help save or change a life.