Over 15,000 lives saved through clean water

Phase 1 of our Rural Water Project with our partners Peacework Medical is complete. Phase 2 will be starting soon with a coordinated fundraising campaign!

We just received photos from Ranquitte Haiti, including this one of a little girl collecting CLEAN water from one of the cisterns that YOUR donations funded. She, along with thousands of her neighbors will never have to worry about cholera being in their water source again. The cisterns allow for cholera-infected water to be treated before it comes out of the tap, and as a result, thanks to medical monitoring by Peacework Medical, the number of deaths from cholera in the region has dropped to zero.

Spread the word about this success and let your friends know that in the next few months we will be coordinating the fundraising for Phase 2. We want to build ten more tanks like this one at least!

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