Ranquitte Haiti leads the way in Coronavirus response!

Our friends in Ranquitte Haiti are proactive about the Coronovirus on a level that far surpasses the early federal response in the USA!

There are eight confirmed cases of coronavirus officially registered in the country as of today (though no cases or suspected cases specifically in Ranquiite). Regardless, municipal authorities in the area are taking Coronavirus seriously. The mayor and other  leaders met yesterday with doctors, local delegates, and medical officials to define a strategy to raise awareness in the community towards prevention.

Information in Kreyol will be distributed about social distancing (culturally a challenge) and hand washing techniques. A sound truck will drive through communities this weekend and beyond broadcasting clear information about the virus on a loudspeaker. This is a common way to distribute information in Haiti. The goal is to help people understand what is the virus is, what rumors are currently circulating about it, and how people can help prevent transmission.

Hand washing stations with soap and water are going up in the streets of Ranquitte as well. Well done, friends!