One Hundred Hand Washing Stations Built in Ranquitte

Over a hundred of these hands-free, hand washing stations have been built throughout Ranquitte Haiti over the last two weeks to help with Coronavirus protection.
This is an entirely Haitian initiative. We had collectively come up together with an idea for 28 hand washing stations with a particular style (as our previous post described). Our Haitian friends suggested they could do over 100 of them if they just changed the approach and used readily available local materials. Done.
You step on the stick, and it tilts the water jug forward to spill water on your hands as you wash them, preventing people from having to handle the same water tap.
One Hundred For Haiti supports how we can, when we can, with the resources we have. We won’t change the country forever, but the efforts you make possible absolutely affect individual and community lives for the better every day.