Rape crisis support in the south of Haiti

Forgive the lack of photos, but we want to keep the recipient of this particular update anonymous. Today your donations to One Hundred For Haiti​ paid for six months salary for a woman employed to do laundry at a safe house for former child slaves in the south of Haiti. We will be renewing her contract for another six months as well if she is happy with the work.

Why did we support one woman’s salary with donations? Because her young daughter was recently raped by a family member and the mother’s inability to earn a living on her own was contributing to an extremely unstable living situation for the girl who survived the assault.

This job gives her mother independence and security, which means the victim/survivor has a stable place to go home to and thus can feel safer. Healing begins in the heart and the mind. Safe and protected: that is the goal. Next: support for activist teams heading into rural areas to train people in rural communities about how to stop child sexual assault.

#commitment means helping beyond the point where the headlines fade.