Violence prevention / education in the south of Haiti

Today we met face to face with our fellow team members in the GTPE (Working Group for the Protection of Children) in the south of Haiti. Our partner Morgan Wienberg from Little Footprints, Big Steps coordinated this meeting to let us hear directly from team members about the work they have completed in phase one of these trainings over the last year.

In GTPE, a consortium of government and local officials travel to meet with rural people in order to hear about what problems those local communities face. Then at a grass roots level, decisions are made about what can be done in those neighborhoods to curb the rising tide of violent crime across the south of Haiti. Your donations let GTPE train over five thousand people about what violence and assault are and how to start at the community level coming up with solutions to these problems.

Today was a Saturday and people still came out to the meeting. A turn out like this is unheard of in this part of Haiti. These are community members who BELIEVE in their communities becoming stronger. We are helping to make that happen.Derriere Fort GTPE meeting

In this photo, volunteer task force committee members from the community of Derrière Fort are acknowledged as follow up outreach workers by members of the neighborhood. Each of these committee members will be actively spreading the word about the work being done and will ask other members of the community to get involved.

We need to raise money for phase two of this work. If you were to donate even $5 or $10 per month, over the course of a year you would help this work continue in a major way. We will be funding the next round of GTPE trainings in the months ahead. Now is a great time to get involved!