News from Hurricane Matthew

Word from Morgan Weinberg in the south of Haiti earlier:

“No Way To Send Pics And Phone Will Die Soon. Roofs, Water Reserves, Electrical Boxes All In Streets, So Many Houses Swept Away In Flooding. Over 100 houses gone.”

A needs list was just posted on an emergency medical group list from Haiti too:lescayeshurricane

“Housing For Families – Temporary, Repairs, New Homes, Food Ready to Eat, Blankets Immediately”

One Hundred For Haiti is normally focused on development projects but now what matters most is support for emergency services and relief. We are often vocal that “relief” creates a cycle of dependency, but an emergency situation is a different circumstance. Our plan is to collect monetary donations then send them directly to people in Haiti who are focus points for aid. This means NOT to the major relief orgs because you never know where money ends up, but to specific contacts who are coordinating efforts on the ground.