United Nations admits role in cholera and One Hundred For Haiti responds

Today the United Nations finally admitted responsibility for their role in starting the cholera epidemic in Haiti. This, after denying it for years, though aid workers have known all along.

GREG BENNICK was interviewed by KOMO News Radio about One Hundred For Haiti’s response to this news. You can listen to that three-minute interview here.

To download the audio file, click HERE.

READ the official One Hundred For Haiti press release about the UN announcement and our response to it here.

For a country which has been under the heel of powerful external forces for centuries, this is just the latest injustice served to the people there. Cholera, which has not been in Haiti in recorded history, has now killed close to ten thousand people.

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Get involved with our efforts to end cholera in one region of north central Haiti. Read about the Rural Water Project under “CURRENT INITIATIVES”.

NOTE: Haitian Creole / English speakers = please download our Cholera Information Sheet (translated into Creole) here for distribution in Haiti.