Enough with the bullshit

Woke up in Port au Prince this morning thinking about how much I spend on bullshit each month. Things I think I need. Excess. Extras. Stuff.

If each one of our friends – that means us too – signed up to donate to One Hundred For Haiti even just part of what we spend on bullshit each month Root PaP photo(the amount of your double tall iced vanilla latte with soy milk or my Netflix subscription) as a recurring monthly donation, we could fund in just TWO months all of our Rural Water Project‘s anti-cholera program and all of the anti-violence GTPE sexual assault trainings. Basically we would be fully funded through 2017.

Help us fund these important programs. I promise we’ll each still have enough money left over for bullshit.

(wonders which restaurant he will get a burrito from this week back home, considers all the things he saw in Haiti this week, presses “post” from his beloved MacBook Air…)