Photos just in from Hurricane Matthew relief efforts

Photos just in from Haiti. Your donations are being put directly to work by One Hundred For Haiti. We partnered with trusted Haitian contact Thony Bellevue who put together the following support for people in need in the south and then delivered that aid directly to them in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Your donations have been part of a group effort which delivered:

• 278 kits (containing packets of crackers, bread, and other foods, personal items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, Kotex)
• Clothes for 62 men
• Shoes for 28 men
• Clothes for 42 women
• Shoes for 53 women
• 12 hand saw
• 10 machetes 

Our partners report that they were also able to shelter:

• 5 big families
• 4 small families

And also give small amounts of financial support directly to 20 mothers who have babies under 3 years old.

This is just the beginning. Next we will likely be using your donations to support a pediatric team heading to the south. We are in communication with them today awaiting details and plans to make sure all money will be used as its intended. We will always act in ways which insure the best possible use for your donations.