SEVEN more anti-violence trainings funded

Because of your generosity, One Hundred For Haiti just wired enough money to Haiti to fund anti-sexual assault trainings in SEVEN rural communities. These trainings are geared towards people who have no previous understanding or training whatsoever about alternatives to sexual violence and child abuse. In the trainings, attendees discover approaches to better behavior, learn to define violence and assault, and brainstorm ways that individuals and communities can work together to create a new reality with less oppression, with a large focus on the treatment of women and children.

There has never been a consolidated anti-rape or anti-sexual assault initiative in the south of Haiti before. Our partners in GTPE, Little Footprints, Big Steps, and a dozen other social service agencies came together with a goal to change that. One Hundred For Haiti funds the entire initiative, paying for an ongoing series of trainings across the south of the country. This is made possible because of your recurring monthly donations.

Photos below show a training last week in the rural community of Tiburon. In each community, inspired local citizens have come forward to form action groups to do ongoing work with their neighbors so that action and discussion about how to change dynamics of violence/abuse/respect in the community can continue long beyond the training date.

In a world where every headline is about assault and abuse over the last few weeks, these trainings are not only necessary and essential. They are a clear step towards a better world.