A new roof in Bois de Lance thanks to Dandies / Chicago Vegan Foods!

A few months back, our friends at Chicago Vegan Foods wrote us and asked if they could fund repairs to a house in Haiti. Their donation allowed us to build this brand new roof on the house of Tijo, who lives in the village of Bois de Lance.

Note the curled up edge to the roofing above the door which will work to protect the entry from the rain.

We’ve loved Dandies vegan marshmallows from Chicago Vegan Foods for over a decade and can’t recommend them highly enough. If you love them, or if you haven’t (yet) tried them, now you know when you buy them that your money is going to a company who cares about others.

There are baseline goals we have with our partners in Haiti for the community in Ranquitte: housing, food, water. That’s as basic as it gets. And this is why we are working to build houses and roofs, help farmers plant crops, and fixing / building cisterns which hold clean water.

From that baseline community can be stronger. And eventually, if all goes well, One Hundred For Haiti will no longer be needed. That’s the long term plan.

For more information on how you can help build a roof or house or take part in any of the projects above, or if you know of a socially conscious company who would partner with us, be in touch anytime!