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Keeping former child slaves safe: mission accomplished

One Hundred For Haiti has been supporting the work being done by our friend and partner Morgan Weinberg at ‘Little Footprints, Big Steps’ in Les Cayes Haiti for the last few years, and this newest piece of news is an addition to that relationship which was possible entirely thanks to your support. In January 2014, […]

Phase One of the Rural Water Project: FUNDED!

Phase one of our Rural Water Project was funded today for the rural area of Ranquitte. We – meaning YOU – paid for Haitian workers in extremely rural areas to build ten water treatment tanks. These tanks will protect the water supply, currently coming directly from the ground from natural springs, from infecting people with […]

First water tank built in the village of Haute Pont!

Our Rural Water Project campaign to save 15,000 lives from cholera is underway and already making an impact. This photo, just in from the tiny rural village of Haute Pont shows the first completed water tank. This tank catches water from a local natural spring, and once filled to the top is treated to kill […]

Direct action trip to Haiti – January 2014

On January 18th 2014, our One Hundred For Haiti Executive Director  is heading to Haiti, supported by the One Hundred For Haiti team back home in the USA and by the donations of people like you worldwide who have made the purchase of valuable supplies and strategic planning possible. The trip is going to be […]