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United Nations admits role in cholera and One Hundred For Haiti responds

Today the United Nations finally admitted responsibility for their role in starting the cholera epidemic in Haiti. This, after denying it for years, though aid workers have known all along. GREG BENNICK was interviewed by KOMO News Radio about One Hundred For Haiti’s response to this news. You can listen to that three-minute interview here. […]

The impact of One Hundred PURSES for Haiti

Hear a new interview with Gwen (Purses For Haiti) and Greg on Life Mastery Radio. You can listen to the full interview here: LIFE MASTERY RADIO LINK LIFE MASTER RADIO ITUNES LINK LIFE MASTERY STITCHER MOBILE APP LINK Gwen Whipple retired last year but decided to stay busy. The Seattle resident has a love […]

Rape crisis education trainings continue with great response!

In Haiti, lack of education is a huge issue. Social norms lead people to abusive behavior – as they do worldwide – but here it often is found that lack of education prevents those who have been abused from speaking out for themselves against their abusers. In the last year and a half the number […]