New roofs in Haiti and a new Board President

In the past half a year we haven’t posted often but so much has been happening.

The most important update: we have voted our Haitian colleague, Fresnel Desauguste, to be the president of the Board of Directors for One Hundred for Haiti. This makes Fresnel in Haiti a main guiding voice for the strategy and planning for how we serve his community. Haitians should be leading the way for an organization which serves Haitian people.

Fresnel requested roofs to be built in Ranquitte. In the last few months we have built nine roofs on homes there, with this video of one of our newest, finished just this last week. The short video was conceived, filmed, and narrated by Fresnel himself.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Video of a man in Haiti walking in front of his new roof.
Narration: “He is the owner of this house. We put the new roof on it for him. That’s the kind of work One Hundred For Haiti is doing in Haiti. Replace the old roof and put the new one. You can see that in the pictures and video.”