Another new roof, another happy family

Haiti In-Country Director Fresnel Desauguste introduces us to Mrs. Predeus Belotte and her family from the village of Haut Pinal. One Hundred For Haiti put a new roof and walls on their house last week and Fresnel tells their story.

MRS. PREDEUS BELOTTE (Speaking in Kreyol): “Mèsi Bondye. Mèsi 100 pou Haiti. Bondye beni nou.”

FRESNEL (Translating, speaking in English): “She said, ‘Thank you, God. Thank you, One Hundred For Haiti. God bless you.’ She had an old roof. It has been leaking. Now she has a new roof, even if the house isn’t finished yet. As you can see, she and her husband are going to seal the wall with mud. They are happy because now if it’s raining, they will not have any problems with the room because their roof is not leaking now. They are happy to have it. Thank you God. Thank you One Hundred For Haiti.”