Yet another new roof to end the year on a high note!

Helping people and changing lives. That’s the work in Haiti, and it never stops.

This is Madame Camisou. She lives in the village of Haut Pont. This is her brand new house, almost complete (it still needs the walls sealed to protect from the wind and rain, which will be done for her right away).

The new house stands right next to where she was living before (second photo) which she and Fresnel our in-country director at One Hundred For Haiti wanted to show so you see the difference. She is happier about all of this than she looks in the photos! We expect her new house to be finished this week.

The funds for this came from the XBystanderX/ Old Ghosts split record that came out on State of Mind Recordings in the USA and Goodwill records and Ugly and Proud Records in Europe. Hardcore music and punk rock, helping people directly.

More roofs and walls for individuals and families are underway!