Earthquake Response – August/September 2021

AUGUST 14th 2021 – The earthquake today in Haiti has been a disaster to say the least, most importantly to the fragile (barely there) infrastructure in Haiti and the Haitian people we’ve talked to throughout the day. Reports from the south from Les Cayes aren’t good, and with the recent assassination of the president, the country is already in upheaval and disrepair on a structural level.

We have people on the ground who are working to assess damage and to get relief directly to people in need. Please stay tuned for updates.


UPDATE AUGUST 16th 2021: we have been working for the last two days in conjunction with a trusted contact in Haiti and one in the southern USA. We have sent funds for the acquisition and delivery of relief supplies from Port au Prince to areas affected around Les Cayes Haiti.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to One Hundred For Haiti in the last few days. More support will be sent as needed in the hours and days ahead, upon request by our Haitian contacts and after consideration of where help is needed most.


UPDATE AUGUST 19th 2021: In the last few days, your donations paid for the delivery and distribution by hand of tarps and tents for one hundred families in the following areas: Port Salut, Torbeck, and Camp-Perrin.

In addition thirty families received funds for use purchasing food and clean water.
More relief supplies are being distributed today.



UPDATE AUGUST 21st 2021Because of your donations to One Hundred For Haiti, this truck is packed with food and supplies. It is headed from Port au Prince to the south of Haiti this morning to get supplies directly to those affected by the earthquake and storm.



Everyone who donated to One Hundred For Haiti since the earthquake: here is more of what your donations have helped to fund…

Yesterday in a small community between Cavaillon and Les Cayes Haiti, our volunteers delivered and distributed tarps by motorcycle to people who had lost their homes in the earthquake. These tarps will protect people in the short term from rain and weather.

Deliveries of the supplies were made very late at night from Port au Prince in order to avoid gang interaction / activity along the main route from Port au Prince to Les Cayes.  

Faces and licence plates have been blurred to protect identities.

THANK YOU for the ongoing support.  Roof/house building continues in the north. More updates soon…