New homes built in Rose Grande and Bas Genjembre Haiti

Some good news out of Haiti: two homes have been completed through One Hundred For Haiti thanks to a donation from Deanna Cintas from Deanna Cintas Real Estate in Portland Oregon. Deanna did a Facebook Birthday fundraising event online and raised enough to change the lives of these two families.

First, a new roof and new walls, essentially a whole new house, for Mr. Elitest from Rose Grande, Haiti. We had worked on his roof a couple months back but thanks to a donation from Deanna we were able to finish the walls.

Second, Deanna also funded a new roof for Mr. Majò who lives in Bas Genjambre. Again, a simple gesture – via Facebook of all things – and a family’s life changes as a result.

Thank you Deanna! You can find out more about Deanna and her work and causes she supports at @pdxveganrealestate on Instagram or at the link above!

More updates on roofs and houses in Haiti are on the way soon.