Helping Farmers to Feed Families

We’ve been hard at work expanding projects beyond roofs and houses.  In addition to sending seven kids to school this month (a solid step towards strengthening generations to come in the Ranquitte region, and one which our local contacts see as essential), we’ve helped take a first step towards a Haitian-imagined initiative to grow crops more consistently and effectively.

The idea is simple: bring water to the people instead of waiting for the water to fall. In time, we want to have pumps in place to draw water from the ground and then have it be carried through PVC pipe across the region to fields in need.

For now, while we await and keep fingers crossed for funding for this initiative (which, as mentioned a moment ago was ENTIRELY Haitian-imagined and budgeted and strategized) we decided with our friends in Haiti to test the fields for their viability growing beans in the following communities:

L’eau Fort
Rose Grande

Here you see the beginning of the results of that test: bean plants in two different varieties already beginning to grow. We provided twenty-five farmers with seeds, and each farmer serves two to four families. That’s hundreds of people who will be fed, and this project hasn’t even officially started yet.

Eventually this will be fantastic for farmers: to have water available and not have to wait for the weather to work for them. Instead, they will put water to work, and food in the Ranquitte region will be far more plentiful as a result.

For now, we will see how well beans grow…