Beans are growing in four communities!

Beans are growing in four communities!

An exciting update where our friends in Haiti are growing beans – in two different varieties – with the seeds we helped them pay for. They know their land, and the seasons, and the availability of water.

Next steps: full irrigation system for growing and not having to rely on the rain. Given global environmental changes, growing has been difficult when relying on the rain and what we all hope to do in the next year is put in systems which bring water to the farmers rather than have them wait for rain, or walk to get water.

For the communities of L’eau Fort, Rose Grande, Kato, and Pinal farmers are seeing their crops start to come in.

All Haitian envisioned, and all Haitian driven.

Check our last post for more on these fields and the why behind the what.

We are excited to see this progress!