Monthly donors provide a positive update!

We asked a One Hundred For Haiti donor last week if they would like a post about their donation and they requested to remain anonymous but asked that we post instead about the monthly donors of smaller amounts who make big impact overall. Sweet!   So, here is some positive energy and news, made possible […]

More good news as clean water flows in Ranquitte

Today is the anniversary of the 2010 earthquake, and this post puts something other than pain and suffering in perspective. We often hear about Haiti in a negative context, and far too rarely about how full Haiti is of vitality, development, and the desire for health and safety. Poverty-filled images attract sympathy but they don’t […]

Keeping the Community Healthy: Fixing Water Cisterns

  A few years ago, while in Ranquitte, we learned that a group called Peacework Medical were leaving Haiti, having initiated an important program around clean water with their Haitian friends over the previous few years. Their idea had been simple: in the midst of a brutal cholera epidemic, they found the best way to […]

Beans are growing in four communities!

Beans are growing in four communities! An exciting update where our friends in Haiti are growing beans – in two different varieties – with the seeds we helped them pay for. They know their land, and the seasons, and the availability of water. Next steps: full irrigation system for growing and not having to rely […]

Helping Farmers to Feed Families

We’ve been hard at work expanding projects beyond roofs and houses.  In addition to sending seven kids to school this month (a solid step towards strengthening generations to come in the Ranquitte region, and one which our local contacts see as essential), we’ve helped take a first step towards a Haitian-imagined initiative to grow crops […]