Beans are growing in four communities!

Beans are growing in four communities! An exciting update where our friends in Haiti are growing beans – in two different varieties – with the seeds we helped them pay for. They know their land, and the seasons, and the availability of water. Next steps: full irrigation system for growing and not having to rely […]

Helping Farmers to Feed Families

We’ve been hard at work expanding projects beyond roofs and houses.  In addition to sending seven kids to school this month (a solid step towards strengthening generations to come in the Ranquitte region, and one which our local contacts see as essential), we’ve helped take a first step towards a Haitian-imagined initiative to grow crops […]

We Help Us: Thoughts on Brutal Border Patrol Tactics and Autonomy

The images are indeed horrifying. History is repeating itself in Texas. Whites on horses armed with whips are attacking black people. The Biden Administration paid careful lip service to the situation this morning. Falling short of actually saying they were going to do something about it, the President’s representatives offered that they would talk about […]

Earthquake Response – August/September 2021

AUGUST 14th 2021 – The earthquake today in Haiti has been a disaster to say the least, most importantly to the fragile (barely there) infrastructure in Haiti and the Haitian people we’ve talked to throughout the day. Reports from the south from Les Cayes aren’t good, and with the recent assassination of the president, the […]

Haiti is Not an Accident

Haiti is Not an Accident: Current Affairs through A Historical Lens by Nathan Bean (One Hundred For Haiti board member) What is happening in Haiti today is not an accident. The events which transpired this week are part of a long, and very complicated history. Context is everything. Take for example and understand that the Haitian […]